How Chris Rufo Plans to DESTROY the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mob | Zero Hour | Ep 32

Writer and activist Chris Rufo had a busy year in 2023. His campaign against the diversity, equity, and inclusion mob saw great success in Florida, Texas, and Iowa, and he predicts in 2024, DEI “will be dead or dying” in all red states. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, especially at the federal level and in our universities. Chris joins James Poulos to preview what’s to come and give you the crucial information you need to join the fight. Is protesting too “high-risk” in 2024? Should you still send your kids to college? Is a technocratic dictatorship around the corner thanks to Big Tech’s embrace of DEI? Chris also lays out the “contingency plan” he believes conservatives should have for another summer of leftist riots, especially if Donald Trump wins the GOP presidential nomination. Plus, he details the Logos Fellowship, his newest venture designed to prepare conservative activists for success in the culture wars. “I just don’t accept that we can complain about something for 40 years and take no action to solve the problem,” Rufo says. “It’s time to reverse that.”

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