Photojournalist/Editor: Will Caldwell. Reporter: Ranji Sinha. BAYONNE – Residents living near the Bayonne Bridge say the project to raise the structure has been a nuisance and are angered by a letter offering them money if they agree not to sue anyone for damages to their homes.

The paperwork offers homeowners $10,000 toward replacing windows if they agree not to hold anyone affiliated with the construction, including the Port Authority, responsible.

Some residents told News 12 New Jersey the shaking and rattling has become a constant fixture in their daily lives. “The TV vibrates, the floor vibrates, the walls,” says Kelly Condon.
People living in and around the construction sites say they expected the nuisance, but don’t believe a compensation grant would be enough to cover potential damage to their homes.<

"I'm not signing nothing away until they're done, because who knows what's going to come up at the end," says Shawn Fenlon. He says vibration has caused cracks in and outside his home.

Brian Cotter says he has a seismic meter in his basement and has been measuring the vibrations. "I've tried to work with the Port Authority, but I am not sure they're really trying to work with us," he says.

The project is expected to last four years, and most residents say that $10,000 offer is too little, too soon.

Neither the Port Authority nor anyone listed in the packet returned calls from News 12 for comment.

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