Hansel and Gretel Arenas

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Andrés Jaque and the Office for Political Innovation have worked in the last years re-enunciating the way home, family and house get architecturally articulated as a social and material reality. Works like TUPPER HOME (Madrid), Sweet Parliament Home (Gwangju), IKEA Disobedients (MoMA, New York), Fray Foam Home (Vennice Biennale) or House in Never Never land (Ibiza) have provide opportunities to address from different perspectives the same conjunction.
‘Hänsel & Gretel’s Arenas’ is a temporary pavilion to hold a number of discussions in which children and adults, with the assistance of marionettes, will debate the ethics contained in the tale ‘Hänsel & Gretel’. It is constructed in the roof of La Casa Encendida, the most active cultural center in Madrid.
The structured is composed by more than 6.000 hanging decorative objects and toys. A cloud of colorful light plastic elements, all of them designed originally to awake desires in people of different ages, and massively produced by delocated industrial networks. The construction offers a post-marketing version of the witch’s children trap of ginger cookies.
Design and Production Team:

Paloma Villarmea
Santiago Benenati
Roberto González
William Mondejar
Diego Penche
Daia Stéeová

Children Interaction:
María Jaque

Carmen Ovejero
Silvia Talacková

Discussion Board:
Elena Casado
Andrés Fernández Rubio
Miguel Mesa
Ruth Toledano

Photographs and video:
Miguel de Guzmán. Imagen Subliminal

Oskar Schuster



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