Gina Carano & Elon Musk Join Forces to SUE Disney (Interview w/ Gina)

Former ‘Star Wars’ actress Gina Carano is teaming up with Elon Musk and X to sue Disney and Lucasfilm after they trashed her name and fired her from ‘The Mandalorian.’ Gina joins Glenn to reveal how she got in contact with Musk and what her life was like after she lost her role as Cara Dune. She tells Glenn that Disney didn’t even have the courtesy to notify her first, but instead allowed mobs to go after her over false claims of ‘hate speech’: “[Disney] definitely put my life in danger.” Plus, she tells Glenn why she decided to take on Disney: “So many people have come before me and fought this battle and nobody was paying attention…it breaks my heart that they didn’t get justice.”

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