FNL-Saturday Finale (09.08.12)

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Sadly, FNL-Saturday finally coming to an end of the year. I had a great time there and I must say, Ruckuses were rucking in that lot! And of course, a finale celebration with free car wash and showers; which you will see in this coverage. 😉 With that said, here is the coverage. Enjoy!

And last but not least, I would like to give a big thanks Kyle Robert for his Directing & “Cinformatic” skills, and both “JDM Chicago” (for hosting a enormous event for car enthusiastic, giving me an opportunity to share this video on their website, and showing a huge support) and “Most Dope” (for spotting me while I filmed)

Below, I wanted to share with you camera folks of what I used at the event.

Filmed with:
– Canon 7D
– 14-70mm f4 L
– 50mm f1.4

– VariZoom VZ-TK75A Tripod
– Opteka GLD-400 47″ Track
– Asian Handheld


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