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Today on Community Voices with Carly Alyssa Thorne we have Christie Ruffino. We talk about empowering women, community, networking, referrals, collaborations, & her book series of stories from some amazing women. Come be a part of the next book, learn more at her website.

Christie Ruffino is the President and Founder of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc. which is an industry exclusive networking organization designed to help women create partnerships with each other to generate ideas, alliances, and revenues within a structured referral generating format.

It was her innate ability to link people to the right resources, that inspired Christie Ruffino to establish her very first networking chapter in 2003 with top notch women she had crossed paths with in her professional career. As a former managing leader in the employment industry, Ms. Ruffino became skilled at creating professional partnerships between employers and employees that result in long-term and successful careers. She implements that same ideology when developing the many chapters of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network; creating partnerships that generate ideas, alliances and revenues. Only a few short years and multiple chapters later, DPWN is recognized as a driving force behind the success and profitability of many of its members’ businesses.

In addition to expanding her network into multiple cities, she also launched a new division of the organization named DPWN Publishing as a resource for her members to leverage author status and gain increased exposure and credibility for their businesses by participating in one of their Overcoming Mediocrity anthology books or by publishing their own books. “Books are becoming the new business card, and I want to provide an easy and affordable resource for my members to take advantage of that powerful marketing tool.”, says Christie.

To Learn More about Christie Ruffino and Professional Dynamic
Women’s Networkgo to: http://www.christieruffino.com/

Professional Women’s Network http://www.dpwomen.com/

To learn how to become a Part of Christie Ruffino’s next book “Strong Women” http://www.dpwnpublishing.com/

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