Election 2020 Meetup

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Are you ready to vote in the 2020 election? Would you like to learn how to plan your vote, help people vote, and support green leaders?

Watch our Election 2020 Meetup, a free Zoom event hosted by GreenChange.net on Monday, September 28, 2020.

This free community meetup was hosted by Fabrice Florin, Kevin Morrison and Sarah Turner at Green Change and was sponsored by Good Earth.

These community leaders spoke at our meetup:
• Sarah Turner, Mill Valley Seniors for Peace
• Linda Herman, Swing Left / Sister District
• Emma McDevitt, NextGen / GiveGreen
• Chance Cutrano, Sierra Club Marin
• Alexis Fineman, San Anselmo Town Council
• Aniya Butler, Youth vs. Apocalypse
(listed in order of appearance)

They talked about how to make a plan, register for a mail-in ballot, vote early and use ballot drop boxes, to make sure your vote is counted.

We also discussed how to engage voters, join phone and text banks and support environmental leaders in this critical election.

This Zoom meeting video was edited by Kevin Morrison and published by Fabrice Florin.

Enjoy …

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• Learn more about Green Change:


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