Drones in Shanghai used 'in fear' by local authorities scared of backlash

NYU Shanghai Business and Finance Associate Professor Rodrigo Zeidan has been locked down since March 24 and is expecting to be out in 11 days “more or less”.

Shanghai is enduring a tough lockdown as China attempts to maintain its zero COVID policy.

Mr Zeidan said there are three ways citizens can access food – government packages, “scurrying all-night deliveries” from the few that are open, and community bulk buying.

“Regarding the drones, this is a little bit misunderstood in the west; people protesting is the common way that people have their voice heard,” Mr Zeidan told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“The drones are actually not an exercise in power; they’re an exercise in fear by the local authorities that fear the backlash from the people that are going to complain to their superiors.”

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