While in the midst of filming an exciting Streetfilms update looking at the exciting progress of “20’s Plenty for Us” in the UK, I was lucky to interview Iain Simmons who is the Assistant Director of City Transportation for the City Of London. What was originally supposed to be a few short soundbites for that piece turned into an unexpected two hour walking tour of Central London! I seized the opportunity and kept the camera rolling and thus can provide this “bonus” Streetfilm.

We did quite a bit of impromptu touring including looking at some of the many streets that have been widened for pedestrians, some of the high-quality materials & traffic calming used to keep speeds at 20 mph, and a look at where one of London’s Cycle SuperHighways will be installed.

But what I found most refreshing was hearing a public transportation official speak so candidly about how we need to accommodate people first and not cars. And Mr. Simmons emphasizes the lesson we have learned over and over: that when the public and News media predicts chaos when new bike lanes, sidewalk extensions and traffic calming are proposed, “….the reality is it never, ever, ever does.”

So give this tour a gander. And then check back in next week to see a fantastic companion video on “20’s Plenty Campaigns for Full 20 in 2020!”

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