trump shows ryan !!
nonsense tweets, confusion, fake ideology. Brand identity. Playing with UE4 I did some performance tests on my humble laptop. I brought on it old assets like the Trump hair logo and food package on a [More]
Donald Trump “Trump Trump-ing” 1 Hour
GÉNÉRATION GUIGNOLS c’est l’occasion de retrouver les marionnettes dans tout ce qui les a rendu inoubliables de Johnny Hallyday à Jacques Chirac en passant par les spéciales consacrées aux Présidentielles, aux premiers ministres, au football… [More]
Check out the exclusive video with behind the scenes footage from Haute Living’s cover shoot with the one and only Melania Trump. Shot takes place inside her luxurious home, New York’s First Lady models gorgeous [More]
This is a movie trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s “Trump Card” movie hitting theatres August 7th.
Niv Dagan says the RBA will “likely” cut rates this afternoon but it’s not like anyone is paying too much attention for too long to Super Tuesday right? Dagan also has his small cap picks [More]
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Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump on the coronavirus crisis. – Mac Miller “Donald Trump” Official Video.