One of a series of IRISS tutorials on social media. It shows you how to start bookmarking using Delicious – how to set-up an account and start bookmarking your favourite websites.
An introduction to the 2-week ‘Design for Social Media’ course on the Adobe Education Exchange.
Some of our recent patients and surgeons from the Hulme and Salford Lads’ Club social media surgeries explaining what they get out of coming to a surgery.
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A 2008 Intro to Social Media from when Tendenci was still known as Schipul The Web Marketing Company
The world of social media affects personal and professional lives. This video provides a short overview of social media, how it functions, best practices, and how policy plays into sharing on social media platforms.
But which businesses are dismantling their regulations the quickest? The airline industry has been pushing hard to chip away at pro-consumer federal regulations. A few weeks ago, it looked as if it had scored a [More]
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