Jeff Molander is a small business sales and marketing keynote speaker who’s perspective and tips on social media marketing are like no other speaker. He’s helping small businesses make social media SELL for them.
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SMM is a way to use technology with the purpose of building relationships by attracting customers. Connect with all your customers and prospects on a social level. Share your company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any [More]
In this 75-minute webinar, we will showcase the helpful tools and resources developed as part of CLO’s Social Media Marketing project. Then, we will explore how your marketing may be enhanced by using Facebook. A [More]
Tim Washer reviewing (and mocking) lessons learned at Social Media Marketing World, on the power of communicating visually.
Using Social Media to market online includes using blogs, message boards, podcasts, micro blogs, wikis, networks and videos. It helps people connect and share ideas and it helps business connect with the people in a [More]
Drive Customer Attraction and Retention with Smart Social Media Strategy. Get help from the pros. Build, engage & measure social media marketing with Premier Marketing Agency for businesses, individuals and organizations. Contact us.
Today, the key to getting customers attention is inbound marketing. This can be blogging, tweeting, social media -izing, search engine optimizing  and a variety of other new media strategies. It’s time to stop pushing with [More]
An effective social media strategy can both grow your business and engage with your target audience online. We can help tailor social media marketing strategies created specifically for your business and your audience. For your [More]