Interspersed different sequences surrounding the current economic and financial crisis, overlapping sequences creates a “chaos” preventing visual and auditory comprehension of the message. Throughout the video loop is repeated, a phrase barely comprehensible: “It´s gonna [More]
Only 4 million Kenyans have bank accounts. But 10 million people in the country now use the M-PESA money transfer service. This short film by CGAP shows how mobile money is changing the face of [More]
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TOMMY WATTS – Money Machine Directed/Edited/Filmed by Elvis Lucas
What if Ole George could talk? What would our money have to say about us? With so many Americans having money struggles it is certain that our money would tell us that we are off [More]
Money can buy a lot, but love cast cost even more…
Let’s talk about money. How do you get to keep more of it?