In the mafia-run walled city of Boys Town, Kelly Greene is praying with women and men caught up in cycles of prostitution, poverty and drugs. She knows that prayer is a dangerous, dirty business, but [More]
This is a prophetic poem written by my wife Kate on 11th November 2020. It was subsequently set to music, by composer Tim Finch. I added the video element a short time later. It was [More]
ROBO-TRONIK, “justice, justice”
A quick show of my visual style and themes Music by Hanni El Khatib (“Nobody Move” from “Head In The Dirt” 2013) Written, directed and filmed by Linas Justice |
Le camp de réfugiés climatiques organisé sur la Grand’Place de Lille durant le forum national des Jeunes Écologistes. Sauvons le climat en chansons ! #COP21
Le journal intime du Comte de Bouderbala (9h10 – 11 Octobre 2010) Le Comte sera en spectacle à la Cigale le 18,19 et 20 Octobre à la Cigale Retrouvez toutes les chroniques du Comte sur [More]
Poste : tracking T-shirt, masquage, éffacement de point de track avec Laurent Soton.
As an avid watcher of Saturday morning cartoons as a kid, I had a lot of fun creating this minimalist animation of the Justice League men. Pulling out some nifty motion graphics tricks and stringing [More]
tunnel snakes rule Special thanks to: Rusty Lewis – for putting me in the tunnel Nate Roth – for getting me on my head Mike Bohn – for taking me to the next level And [More]