Facebook received the maximum fine possible from the United Kingdom’s top data watchdog for failing to protect user information in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Brian McCullough, author of ‘How the Internet Happened,’ explains why he [More]
Brands investing in technology and omni-channel integration across stock, sales, service and marketing will be the key players in the ‘game of retail disruption’ in the next two years. What’s true is that the pace [More]
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BRUSSELS —The European Union will on June 20 vote on a Copyright Directive that could effectively spell the end for memes and links as we know them. If Europe goes ahead with the plans, everything [More]
Google updated their privacy policy for GDPR compliance and easier reading, so I decided to take a look at what exactly the terms give Google permission to do.—Join the Nerd Club: http://nerdclub.nots.cohttps://nerdonthestreet.comhttp://discord.nots.cohttps://reddit.com/r/nerdonthestreethttp://facebook.com/NerdOnTheStreethttp://twitter.com/NOTS_Networkhttps://plus.google.com/+NerdOnTheStreetE-Mail: jacob@nerdonthestreet.com
Matt McGraw is the CEO of The Bureau, a blockchain incubator, and the CEO of Dispatch Labs, a start-up that builds blockchain protocols for data privacy. Cheddar’s Tim Stenovec sits down with McGraw at the [More]
The EU’s new privacy regulations have forced Instagram to reveal how they track users while they’re in the app. Tony Spitz has the details.
Les conseils de la cnil : Se faire usurper son identité c’est jamais marrant, surtout quand c’est à cause d’une fuite de données d’une grande entreprise, la vie de cette personne est un enfer à [More]
Location data is one of the most useful tools for businesses in today’s economy. As mapping technology becomes more detailed and precise, companies are able to better target potential customers. Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer [More]
Kinsgton es uno de los mayores fabricantes de sistemas de almacenamiento y módulos de memoria del mundo, con un abanico de usos que van desde unidades USB y de almacenamiento externo, memoria RAM para ordenadores [More]