When email messages are sent to an address under your domain that does not exist, you can choose to redirect them to a single address, also known as a ‘catchall’. This tutorial was brought to [More]
Once you have an SSL certificate, whether you created it in WHM or purchased it, you need to add it to your domain name. You can do that inside WHM, or in cPanel. This tutorial [More]
Between hosting the Junior Nationals and helping launch the Indiana state championships, Culver tennis has made quite a racquet over the past century. Here’s a look back at the story… Music: Public domain and Creative [More]
Here is the second part to installing WordPress after purchasing a domain and hosting.
Step by step direction on how to buy a domain, get a hosting account, and manually install WordPress.
AED 1 Web Hosting was launched by Ci CORP to help the small and medium business owners to embrace digitalization. This is one of the fastest web hosting in the region with most affordable price. [More]
Hosting – http://www.direk.net.tr
STEERWEB control panel for domain and web hosting
A Subdomain is something that is part of or directly related to your main domain and an Addon Domain is just a regular domain that is added on to your hosting account after the original [More]