Richard Darius has been captured by a rogue administration official after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt at a dinner party, likely orchestrated by his girlfriend Tessa Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Special Counselor to the President of [More]
Another prime example of Deep State corruption by a bunch of Statist Federal Cops who need to be fired. I support law enforcement, however, these Federal Cops are not enforcing the law, and are instead [More]
Découvrez le trailer de la saison 2 de Deep State !
Documentary on Trumps 4 years in office.
הגברת הראשונה של הטכנו בסט פסנתרים אמביאנטי שהוקלט ושודר במסגרת דיפ סטייס בפסטיבל זיקוק 2020 חלק משידורי זיקוק.טיוי 2020 פסטיבל זיקוק פועל כחלק מעמותת בר-קיימא בתמיכת משרד התרבות, עיריית ירושלים והקרן לירושלים
I have been ‘Qued in’ to current events, and follow the postings of/by Q Anon and the discussions available on YT, in an attempt to ‘connect the dots’ between (worldly) events, as they relate to [More]