A sizzle video we cut for Arc Worldwide mapping out the redesign of GM dealerships across the country.
Short documentary series about Bridgeville, Pennsylvania – the town where Chevrolet dealerships were born. Client: Chevrolet Agency: Mother New York
In 2014, Sonic Automotive became a member of Agility Recovery. They never dreamed they would have two disasters, in two different states, within the same year. They certainly never dreamed that a fire would destroy [More]
RacketBox Music and SFX for a Kinect game to be used in motor-shows and dealerships worldwide.
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WACKY WAVING INFLATABLE TUBE MAN! (the inflatable things in front of used car dealerships)
One of four video jingles delivering an edited interview section of the winning dealerships for each award, as well as introduction and closing motion graphics. Art Director: Raymond Declan Murphy Editor: Yoshihiro Watanabe Motion Graphics: [More]
Thinking of buying a car? Do you want new or pre-owned? Ray Skillman Auto Mall is one of the leading car dealerships indianapolis have, offering a wide selection of cars and trucks and ease of [More]
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