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Video from our 2014 Reagan Day Dinner highlighting “The Power of the Conservative Woman.” Featured in the video are Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Harriet Miers, Merrie Spaeth, Presiding Judge Mary Murphy, and District Judge Jennifer [More]
Rod Dreher answers the question: Do you still consider yourself a Republican? Rod Dreher is a blogger at The American Conservative as well as the author of the book: The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: [More]
Jeff interviews Milo Yiannopolous, topics include: from conservative to anarcho-capitalist, the nature of conservatism and anarcho-capitalism, government over-reach, the US department of offense, Milo’s run in with political censorship via Twitter, the growing clampdown on [More]
It’s the greatest Christmas (not holiday) movie ever made! Watch as we explore the story of conservative hero Henry Potter (Lionel Barrymore), who must fight against the nefarious socialist George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) in this [More]
According to Congress for New Urbanism President John Norquist, the Salt Lake City area has the fastest growing rail system in America. And as Streetsblog’s Angie Schmitt pointed out last month, “It’s the only city [More]