Can Trump Return the Trust That Government Censorship Stole? | Guest: Martin Gurri | Ep 30

At your fingertips, your phone contains an infinite supply of information. So what happens when the government tries to control that? The people lose trust in our institutions and revolt. As the government tries to censor and regulate your access to information and we continue to expose censorship, people no longer trust our institutional structures, the elites panic, and we have a cycle of a crisis of authority. Martin Gurri, author of “The Revolt of the Public,” explains in his book how censorship led to an inevitable divide between the American people and the government. He joins host James Poulos to discuss populism, nihilism, and the popularization of modern-day icons like Donald Trump and Barack Obama. From the prototype of the Tea Party movement to Obama’s campaign, the revolt of the public has been brewing for quite some time. How can we move forward while AI centralizes information and technology becomes more accessible and harder to control? Martin Gurri and James Poulos discuss this and much more on this episode of “Zero Hour.”

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