Abusing The Cloud For Fun And Profit

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In the previous episode, the gang at Tourbuzz had “creatively leveraged the power of the cloud” at Heroku to process uploads quickly at a reasonable cost. In Collect Underpants, the Sequel, Alan Pinstein shows how Heroku performed at cloud scale in the real world and introduces our new superhero, Lambda the AWS, to see if he can save the day. In this September 1st, 2016 presentation, Alan Pinstein talks about abusing the cloud for fun and profit.

About Alan: Alan is the CEO and Technical Co-Founder at Tourbuzz. Tourbuzz helps photographers and agents make online experiences for real estate better.

Alan’s first computer programs were on the Sinclair 16k, Apple II, and TRS-80. He tries not to date himself, but he may or may not have gotten in trouble in 2nd grade for making the class TRS-80 shout obscenities at the teacher.

He has a strong technical and business background. His business background comes from an undergrad BSBA program and numerous startups over the last 15+ years. His technical background comes from years of hacking, a few CS classes, and 15+ years of development in C/C++/Obj-C and PHP across a wide variety of platforms and products.


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