A Lonely Ranger: The Boomhauer Story | King of the Hill

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I’ve been debating who to cover next in my King of the Hill series, but my gut kept telling me “Gatdang just that dang ol’, Boomhauer, I tell ya hwhat” and after getting a lot of comments echoing this sentiment, I figured it was the right move. But after digging through the episode lists I was kind of shocked to realize that there are arguably only TWO episodes that primarily focus on a Boomhauer story. But that isn’t to say we can’t dig into the character, because the few Boomhauer stories we do have actually paint a pretty interesting picture, and the ultimate reveal in the series finale, that Boomhauer is apparently secretly a Texas Ranger, can sort of help recontextualize some of the things we know about him. So join me as we explore Arlen’s fastest talkin’ AND drivin’ lady’s man, Jeff Boomhauer.

The Heart of King of the Hill- https://youtu.be/zO6bS7QbASw
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I Am Unknowable: The Dale Gribble Story- https://youtu.be/pdLQRlB6j1g
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King of the Hill (1997-2010)

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