I have learned the hardest and cruelest part of being home-less is not starving or frozen your toes. It is your present is no longer matter. “You got deleted from a world wide web, your profile has been removed.” When you are homeless, you standing by the street asking for kindness, but a lot of people throw you a cold look or even don’t know you even exist.

You are not death but living like one. People avoid you, disgust you (not that you are already sadden with your own situation). Everyone around you is better then you, even a Bloomingdale bag properly worth more and have more attention then yourselves.

Put you in their shoes and think for a second.

They love to talk to you, love to have an acknowledgement, not just your money. Failing in keeping a house for whatever reason shouldn’t be treated as a monster next door. Please, for this holiday season. Talk or really show that you care for those less fortunate.

—The man you about to watch his talk is homeless since for 7 years. His name is Ray, he is bisexual and got a ‘spouse’. The sound quality is not the best. I will fix it if there is demand.

Thank you!



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