5×5 » October 5th 2010

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1. With my back to the tracks, waiting on my train to head into the city. The top of the frame is where you park at the station.
2. This is an abstract representation of heavy rain my random partner and I had to make in my 2D Design class. The person sneezing in the background is the same person that talks way too damn much. Their obnoxiousness never ends.
3. This is something hanging in the University Center. It’s hard to tell, but the noise level was 5x’s louder than it usually is. There were groups of high school students wondering around not paying a damn bit of attention to how loud they were.
4. Walking back to Jeepy at the MARTA station.
5. The lane to the left turns into a turn lane right over the hill. Part of the reason traffic is backed-up like it is is because these idiots go speeding-up the left lane will get over the hill and then try merging into the lane they just got out of.



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