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215 Justin Blvd Taylorsville KY 40071 | Noah Jemley

Noah Jemley

Raised by generations of builders, teachers and entrepreneurs, Noah’s love for the special place we call ‘home’ came at an early age. Learning first hand from a mother passionate about historic preservation and a grandfather who hand-built custom homes, Noah quickly realized that with the proper knowledge and effort, anyone can achieve the American dream of homeownership and creation of their own personal sanctuary.

Noah’s enthusiasm for architecture and design, combined with her extensive market knowledge, characterize her real estate practice. From a young age, Noah was taught to love the process, work hard for what you desire and invest your money wisely. By staying up-to-date on our market’s ever-changing trends and opportunities, carefully listening to her client’s wants and needs and making certain they stay well educated during the entire buying and selling process, Noah has already built a large and loyal client base.

Noah grew up in the Highlands but ultimately found her place in what she calls the true “bones of our city” – Old Louisville. “I love the culture flourishing here, the grand historic architecture and supportive community that truly wants to see the local economy grow. I enjoy spending my time finding new ways to appreciate the many areas of Louisville where everything I need is within walking distance – I think my dogs have truly been spoiled by that aspect, too!” Noah says. “I’m not here to sell houses, I’m here to form relationships with my clients, show them the benefits of certain neighborhoods, improve their quality of life, give comfort and become a friend in the process.


215 Justin Blvd Taylorsville KY 40071


215 Justin Blvd Taylorsville KY 40071 | Noah Jemley

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215 Justin Blvd Taylorsville KY 40071 | Noah Jemley

Real 3D Space | 615 243 2891


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