2022-01-07 Xiao Qi Ji ~ Slides Down the Hill in his Prima Rocker!

#PandaStory: Additional snow fell in DC overnight and Xiao Qi Ji made the most of it by sliding down the hill in his Prima Rocker, with a piece of bamboo, or by himself! He also did a backwards somersault after shaking his fur coat, slid through the snow on a leg of the teepee structure, tumbled off his tree’s limbs a couple of times, and played around the hammock structure, even walking through the snow on the hammock.

Also Joan has been busy … she’s added Qi Ji’s voice to the following videos:

2022-01-05 Xiao Qi Ji ~ Foot Blocks & Walks on Two Legs!

2022-01-03 Xiao Qi Ji Rocks, Rolls, & Slides on his 1st Snow Day!

2022-01-01 Xiao Qi Ji & Mei Xiang’s Conversation with their Keepers!

2021-12-30 Xiao Qi Ji Flips over his Cub Tub!

2021-12-28 Xiao Qi Ji gets a Hose Shower, & Scuffles with Mei for Treat Feeder!

The story continues to be the weather in DC and the staff shortage at the Zoo due to the ongoing Covid surge. My well wishes and thanks are sent to the staff who are taking care of all the Zoo animals during these trying days. While the footage on the Panda Cam isn’t what we’ve experienced lately, it’s hopefully for just a short while, and we’re still able to see that all is well in Pandaland.

Note from Doxie: I respectively ask that you do not post comments disparaging the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s treatment of their Giant Pandas, or Mei Xiang’s parenting of Xiao Qi Ji, or any comparisons to other Zoos. Comments pertaining to anything other than the video content will be removed. Also, a reminder that I am not employed by or affiliated with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a place of positivity, celebration and joy!

All video footage recorded by me from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Panda Cam public website: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/webcams/panda-cam
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