Marketing Today with Alan Hart – Ryan Davis of Blizzard Entertainment – Overwatch

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The North American Effie Awards and ATOMCK have teamed up to present a special interview series featuring winners from the 2017 competition. Alan Hart, managing partner at ATOMCK and host of “Marketing Today,” sat down with these marketers to discuss insights from their Effie-winning work.

In this week’s 2017 Winner Spotlight, Hart spoke with Ryan Davis, global marketing communications director at Blizzard Entertainment, to discuss Blizzard Activision’s “Overwatch” campaign, created in partnership with Droga5.

Blizzard Activision had a new videogame to introduce to the world called Overwatch, which gave gamers a bright, new gaming universe. Davis wanted to highlight the uniqueness of the game in a big way so people could see how different Overwatch was from other games in the market. To stand out, Davis and his team designed 15-foot-tall action figures, called Colossal Collectibles, that were installed in high-traffic areas in Hollywood, California; Busan, Korea; and Paris, France.

The experiential campaign got earned-media attention thanks to passersby sharing pictures and comments about the packaged characters on social media. Davis strategically used the skills of influencers and cosplayers to spread the word about Overwatch. He ignited their interest in the game through early beta releases of Overwatch and the massive action figures. From there, gamers promoted Overwatch through their own channels, reaching a larger and more diverse group of players than Davis and his team could get on their own. He credits this to the long-lasting relationship Blizzard Activision fostered with players. The marketing success of Overwatch can be traced back to the genuine and trustworthy reputation of the brand created simply by listening to players. A simple solution for larger-than-life results.

“Overwatch” by Blizzard Entertainment and Droga5 took home an Effie in the Entertainment & Sports category at the 2017 North American Effie Awards.


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