Solving the Social Media Puzzle: 7 Simple Steps to Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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The social media landscape can be difficult to navigate for time-strapped business owners. What’s the best way to incorporate a social plan into your traditional marketing efforts? How can you find out where to concentrate your efforts for best results?Authors Kathryn Rose and Apryl Parcher, who have built online communities for large and small businesses alike totaling over 2.5 million fans, followers and connections, answer these questions with a 7-step plan for using social media marketing in your business. This easy-to-read book is not a “how to” on specific platforms (they change every Tuesday anyway); it’s an overall strategy guide that will set you on the right path toward the all important social media ROI.Solving the Social Media Puzzle gives you a big-picture overview of the top social media platforms, and defines the role businesses content should play when incorporating one or more of them into your marketing strategy. It includes success tips and insights, real world case studies and interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry.


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