MoneyLab#2: Paul Radu. Bringing the Dark Side of Money to Light.

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Some artists, journalists and activists have taken the important first step beyond moral outrage and uncovered stories that have shed light on the extensive corruption within the finance sector. From the Swiss Leaks project, that documented how the HSBC Bank helped its clients shield income from tax collectors, to the exposure of financial loopholes and visualizations of lucrative offshore tax avoidance operations. Much of the finance and banking scandals that have unraveled over the past year started off with whistleblowing and the work of investigative journalism. This raises some questions:

Do we need to become financially literate, and if so, what do we need to raise our financial literacy? What does it take to read the classified documents of the world’s private banking systems? Can only experts make proper use of them?
What are the key takeaways of these investigative projects? Are we drowning in material or have we only caught a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg?

Speakers: Femke Herregraven, Paul Radu, Paolo Cirio
Moderator: Cecile Landman


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